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Homes have different types of heating system


Homes have different types of heating system

There are many different types of gas Gas Central Heating Systems available to you. Almost all these systems have a gas boiler at the core, with pipework connecting it to heating radiators.

In most parts of the United Kingdom air conditioning is hardly needed because of the average temperatures of those regions. That is why in the UK most houses built these days are made with Gas Central Heating Systems fully integrated into the home.

With winter coming up round the corner heating should be at the front of your mind. Overall Central Heating Systems offer more value for money as equated to alternative heating systems as they can be very efficient. Scheduled care assists to support things working as fashioned.

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Therefore your heating system needs to be efficient and reliable. A good central heating system should inspire confidence, give value for money and be simple to operate.

Pumped/vented and sealed are the two main types of Gas Central Heating Systems on the market.

The most commonly used systems are pumped/vented Gas Central Heating systems. An expansion tank is present in a pumped heating system. The tank supplies your house with hot water and provides the central heating radiators with heat. Water expands when heated; this expansion is accommodated in a feed-expansion tank. It is normally placed at the highest place of the house like the attic area, taking up space. It serves a dual purpose by heating the house and also supplying heated water.

For many years now, pumped/vented systems have been the norm for Central Heating.

A gas boiler system that is somewhat newer and more modern and that most people are choosing nowadays over the pumped/vented Gas Central Heating system is the sealed system.

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As the name indicates, a sealed system is a an enclosed system therefore no expansion water tanks are needed. There are no tanks or pipework in the loft, the whole system is sealed, its unvented, which has its benefits:.

– As there are no open vents, air cannot enter into the system and so the risk of corroding, airlocks and sludge is drastically decreased.

– No maintenance or repair work is required for the pipes and tank which would have been in the attic.

– The danger of a leaking water tank is all together absent.

– No risk of freezing pipes in the loft.

– Can be easily rinsed out under pressure via the main water supply.

Such a Sealed Central Heating System is installed with all the required gauges, controls and safeguards. The water for the system is provided directly from the main water pipe of the house. It feeds directly from the main water supply.

Normal variations of pressure can be allowed in a sealed system through a pressure vessel that contains compressed gas; this is separated from the sealed system water by a diaphragm.

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The safety valve opens up when the pressure in the system rises so that water can escape through it, on the other hand it opens up when the pressure drops down so that the water can refill the system.

A well heated house can help create a comfortable space for you to enjoy with your family. Furthermore, they offer all kinds of control, which are normally not found in other heating systems giving you a more enjoyable environment.